Hugh Hamilton The Ruffian Liqueur Muscat 500ml


The Muscat grape has a unique flavour that once tried is never forgotten. It is probably the only grape that produces wine with the same aroma as the grape itself. Sweet Muscats have the flavours of raisins and oranges.
The luscious feeling in the mouth of this rich delicacy begs for creme caramel or a cracking creme brulee....and an arm chair. Alternatively enjoy it as the Yin to the Yang of vintage Cheddar, a pungent wash rind and biting blue.

Tasting Notes

Fragrantly spiced with youthful floral and rose petals and has aromas of ripe raisins, with an earthy spirit lift. The most apt description of the palate would be ‘nectar’. It has a rich raisin character, high viscosity, smooth texture and great lingering length which is balanced with clean acidity and aromatic spirit. The after taste is soft, lifted and long lasting. So luscious it should be declared illegal.