100 Souls Pink Gin 700ml

Australian Made & Owned
100 Souls Distillery Artisan Pink Gin is created from traditional & Australian botanicals infused with Damascus Rose petals and hibiscus. Triple distilled using our refined sugar cane spirit. Great served as a pink gin spritz. Disclaimer: 100 Souls Distillery use all natural hibiscus to colour 100 Souls Artisan Pink Gin, subsequently the intensity of colour will fade over time. Please store our gin in a cool and dark place and consume in a timely manner.
Tasting Notes

The 100 SOULS Artisan Pink Gin is infused with rose petals and hibiscus to create soft floral flavoured gin with an artsy twist. The rose and hibiscus produce its blush hue and delicate aroma, and the Sichuan, lemon thyme & mandarin marry a spice element that harmonises the unique floral palate. Blending rose petals has resulted in a wonderful gin that reminds its creator of a soft pink sunset in the Hinterlands.