Four Fox Sake 720ml

LED light up Bottle - make your bar shine!

In Japanese mythology, Inari Okami is the god of Rice, Saké, Swordsmiths and Foxes. The fox spirits of Inari were entrusted to guard the Torii gates, only allowing the purest of spirits to pass. Four Fox Saké represents this purity and perfection.

Four Fox Saké is a snowmelt ‘Junmai Daiginjo’ which is the highest grade (there are 6 grades of premium saké). Junmai represents the ultimate in purity – only water, rice and koji are used. Daiginjo signifies that at least half of every grain of rice is milled away, painstakingly removing impurities.

Four Fox Sakè contains a LED light, which will make your bar shine!

Tasting Notes

Four Fox Saké partnered with a 150 year old brewery, who worked to create a custom blend, resulting in an incredibly clean, well-balanced and easy-drinking saké. The flavour profile deliberately adjusted to be less floral and fruity then many other Junmai Daginjo sakes - the goal being, to create an extremely approachable style that didn’t necessarily require food pairing.

Food Pairing

Best served straight up - well chilled, or on the rocks.