Tamdhu '2024 Year of the Dragon' Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml

Distinctive, high quality gift packaging celebrating Year of the Dragon
By Tamdhu
Tamdhu Single Malt Scotch whisky, is renowned for its dedication to maturing 100% of their whisky in only the finest Oloroso Sherry Oak casks. In honour of the Year of the Dragon, the most auspicious of Chinese zodiac signs, the Speyside Scotch Whisky Distillery unveils a rare and exclusive release for discerning whisky enthusiasts. Embodying the spirit of celebration and tradition, only 150 bottles of Tamdhu’s Chinese New Year Limited Edition Whisky will be available in Australia. Every bottle embodies the essence of Tamdhu’s finest expressions, featuring a meticulously curated blend that showcases the depth, complexity, and character synonymous with the brand. This limited edition release symbolises the passage of time and the promise of prosperity and good fortune. From the carefully selected casks to the balanced flavours, each sip is a unique sensory journey, fitting its purpose to ring in the new Lunar Year.
Tasting Notes

Nose: Warm spice with mature oak, softened by orange cream and winter berries.
Palate: Depths of sherried oak, then candied citrus and crystallised ginger.
Finish: Luxuriously rich, with honeyed malt and lingering orange zest.