Nett Reverse Premium Red 750ml

By Nett

From one of the most modern wineries in the Palatinate wine growing region in the south west of Germany comes Nett Reverse De-alcoholised Pinot Blanc from the 5th generation award winning Weingut Bergdolt-Reif & Nett.

This Reverse* Premium De-alcoholised Red is a sensational new blended red from Christian Nett using a next generation de-alcoholising technique that dramatically reduces the sugar levels and creates a "real wine" taste.

*Reverse refers to the delicate removal of alcohol or "reversing" the alcohol.   

Tasting Notes

The taste is light and fresh and is reminiscent of berries, cherry and is fruity on the mouth with notes of fruit tea and rosehip. It has a little acid and good tannins.

Food Pairing

Serve with a slight chill and pair with traditional Italian cuisine and a crisp green salad.


In September 2023 the prestigious Selection Das-Wein media group awarded the Premium De-alcoholised Red their Gold Medal with 4 stars.