New Norfolk Misty Valley Silver Cane Spirit 700ml

Australian Made & Owned

Born of sugarcane, this unaged silver spirit retains its sweet heritage (as we all hope to do). It tells of fresh floral notes found in the foothills of the Derwent Valley, and whispers hints of banana and citrus.

What is New Norfolk Distillery Silver Spirit? Also known as sugarcane spirit, or unaged white rum, our Tasmanian Silver Spirit is a clear spirit that is fermented from a base of Grade A Molasses. We double distill our ferment and then hydrate it with water before bottling and using this by itself, or as a base for our liqueurs and gins. Our Silver Spirit is crafted entirely in-house by our team at our distillery in New Norfolk.

Tasting Notes

Floral characters with hints of citrus & green banana. Smooth with good flavours.

Food Pairing

Sip neat chilled, or mix in a daiquiri, mojito or cuba libre.


Silver Medal, 2022 Australian Rum Awards
Best Rum in the 2021 national Drink Easy Award
Top 10, Australia's best rums in the 2019 national Drink Easy Awards.