Hugh Hamilton The Intruder Sauvignon Blanc 750ml


It’s a little cheeky to be a McLaren Vale company releasing an Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc – but we’re definitely more of a tourist than an intruder. Our approach is to always chase flavour and this site was so good in 2021 we just went with it.

I find Sauvignon Blanc very much like the territory in the Hills where this wine was grown – at once familiar and exotic. It can seem, even after many years working in the Adelaide Hills that you are only ever a turn in the road from a place you have never seen. And so it was with this block; some dicey directions, vehicular guesswork, and a fantastic wine found at the end.

Tasting Notes

Lush varietals intrude at every point, pervasive. A Hawaiian shirt of a wine. Tropical pineapple incense, lychee, and gum. Thunderously Blanc’y. Sassy brambles and split rock. A zip-line ride of light, bright, punchy fruit. Lingering and delicious.


Adelaide Hills