Hugh Hamilton The Trickster Pinot Grigio 750ml


Most winemakers (myself included) care little for fashion style – but wine style is critical! Is this a Pinot ‘gris’ style or Pinot ‘grigio’ style? The latter, dear reader, the latter. Why? Because we deliberately picked the fruit at the lower end of its acceptable range to retain the quintessential crisp, light, fine qualities of both the variety and the region. It’s crisper and drier than your average Gris. There’s a reason for that – it’s all about the food.

Few varieties capture both lightness of touch and depth of flavour as well as Pinot Grigio. These are grapes that can express themselves feather-light and pale as crystal, or full bodied and steel tinged. We aim at the former, light, brilliant, and fresh. Ideal for days of perfect blue skies..

Tasting Notes

Lifts with fleshy white pears, lychees, and gold kiwifruit. Impeccably fresh palate of limes, lemons, pears, and pizazz. Fresh like a ream of A4 paper; Crisp as a starched pinafore. Prim and proper.


92 Points James Halliday Wine Companion


Adelaide Hills