Hugh Hamilton Three-Card Monte Shiraz Cabernet Montepuiciano 750ml


Elusive and fiercely independent Black Sheep wines that will not be pinned down. The Dark Arts is a range of wines from varieties that are not meant to go together, but work! They refuse to be part of the status quo; they are wine as art. Made off the grid in an unconventional style that is all about varietals in quirky combos. In a Three Card Monte, as hard as the mark tries to choose a winning card from three, the dealer always wins. We have turned this on its head by using only winning cards, so that the real trick is not which but how well all three go together. A neat trick where everyone is a winner.
46% Shiraz | 39% Cabernet | 15% Montepulciano

Tasting Notes

Blood, violets, raspberry, slate. New leather and fresh asphalt. There’s a whiff of teenage locker room; all body spray and clean sweat. The palate is big and intense. A rolling-pin hit of baking spices and savoury biscuitiness with loads of presence and persistence. A whole blackberry bush pushes through to a woody cherry-pit savoury finish. Completely dry. Utterly satisfying.


McLaren Vale